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What We've Been up to... 

| Take a look at some of the projects we are grateful to have been a part of  |



Bridgerton – out now on Netflix! If you haven’t yet given it a watch we would highly recommend, although, we may be a little bias! Sophie’s People are very proud to be a part of this dazzling new Netflix series, choreographed by the talented Jack Murphy. The scenes created are truly magical, whisking you away to another time. Keep an eye out for our beautiful regency ballroom dancers and our ladies at the Townhouse soirée. We have thoroughly enjoyed every part of it and hope you enjoy watching it.

Strictly Come Dancing

Sophie has been involved with Strictly Come Dancing since Season 2 – and knows it is a treat to work on this great show for the BBC for so many years. 


Choreographer Jenny Thomas delights with memorable Salsa’s and Charleston routines for the couples and some really great group numbers too!

BBC Strictly Glitterball Red .jpg
Screenshot 2023-03-08 at 13.24.40.png

Wonder Woman

Sophies People provided talent for some of the scenes filmed in the UK for this mega feature film

Directed by Patty Jenkins and Choreographed by Isabel Baquero.

Horrible Histories

Our lovely choreographer Lucie Pankhurst has worked on this show since Series 2

Now she has just completed Series 11!

Within this time Sophie's people have also been a part of Horrible Histories - The Movie and a Prom or two at the Royal Albert Hall  

Many of our dancers have worked on their fabulous song & dance numbers that are loved by a wide audience created by the lovely Lucie.  

Horrible Histories.jpeg



Keep an eye out for the breathtaking ballroom scenes in this one choreographed by Lucie Pankhurst. Lucie spent months out in Prague working with local dancers to perfect the vision. If you haven't yet seen it - It is a must! 

Chevalier is an American biographical drama film directed by Stephen Williams and written by Stefani Robinson. Based on the life of the titular French-Caribbean musician Joseph Bologne and Chevalier de Saint-Georges. Joseph Bologne rises to improbable heights in French society as a celebrated violinist-composer and fencer, complete with a love affair and falling out with Marie Antoinette. 

Queen Charlotte

New Bridgerton spin off - Queen Charlotte is out now on Netflix!

Sophies' People are proud to have supplied dancers for the various stunning ball scenes scattered throughout the series.


Much like in Bridgerton these ball scenes will take your breath away, a beautiful blend of acting, movement and dancing, an absolute pleasure to work on.  

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